December 2016 Cleaning: Amy

clean life clean home 2016 cleaningI had someone contact me who has so graciously offered to sponsor one sober mom/dad a month to receive a clean home from CLCH. This person prefers to stay anonymous but wants to bless another person in recovery that deserves to have something nice done for them. Amy Jo Cornwell is the first person to receive this blessing!

I had met Amy once before and heard her speak briefly about her past but tonight I was finally able to sit down with her and get to know her a little better. Amy is such a sweetheart and has come a long way from where she used to be. She began drinking and using drugs and hanging out with the wrong crowd when she was 13. She married very early on to the man she would have two children with. It was a very toxic and abusive relationship on both sides, but even in the middle of all the chaos Amy still made time for church and God. A little after her youngest son turned 1, her husband in a drunken stupor hung himself outside their home. Amy went into a downward spiral after that until she finally one day wanted to end her own life after a bender, she asked her dad and brother to come get her kids. God had a different plan. Her brother had a feeling she didn’t need to be left alone and he was right, Amy had planned to end it all after he and their dad left with her kids. She went to detox and has been sober since August 4th, 2015.

She is 28 years old and a single mommy to two beautiful boys. Her youngest son who is now 6 lives full time in a rehabilitation hospital for special needs. She has committed meetings, works with a sponsor and also has 1 sponsee. Amy is a dedicated member of Journey Church. She also has a strong desire to work with people struggling with mental illness and addiction and has recently began working for the department of mental health and substance abuse. All of this while taking care of her son at home and her son in the hospital, all on her own. She’s pretty awesome if you ask me!! She definitely deserves to have something nice done for her! #recoveroutloud

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