August 2017 Cleaning: Ali Perry

clean life clean home 2017 cleaningThis is Ali Perry from Austin, Texas! I will be in Austin cleaning for Ali on August 5 at 12pm. I’m excited to be taking my #CLCH on the road, I look forward to meeting Ali and seeing my friend Diana once again. Diana is the one that has made all of this possible. She found the sober mommy willing to share her testimony, she found the volunteers, and she is providing the cleaning supplies. Here is Ali’s story in her own words:

“After nine months of having fake sobriety, taking and eventually abusing Adderall, separating myself from the group, finding everything that was different and refusing to see any similarities, I truly dedicated myself to sobriety on December 1, 2012.

I had two small children, was in the mitts of a custody battle that would last nearly a decade. I lost my kids because I could not stop drinking. That was my low point or so I thought. I went to rehab, I got “sober” but wasn’t truly ready. It took nine months before I realized I was indeed an alcoholic who couldn’t take Adderall or drink or do anything in moderation. After December 1,2012 I threw myself into the program, I started to raise my hand, I started to introduce myself to people, I began to see the similarities.

No longer did I compare, using excuses such as they’re too old or too young, or they don’t have kids or their ex husband isn’t a narcissistic person. The truth was I didn’t understand the disease, I didn’t understand the work that needed to be done. I didn’t understand it had nothing to do with my ex-husband or my particular circumstances, it had everything to do with the fact that we all felt lesser than, we all tried to fill the huge gaping hole with alcohol. It had to do with the fact that this program offers a solution to spiritual malady, that this program offers alcoholics like me a solution, a chance of having a happy wonderful life.

The promises came to fruition slowly. A month ago I finally got what me and my kids wanted in court. The program offered me strength, support, love and a new way of life. It offered me a chance to start over, to truly learn to love and respect myself and those around me. I am able to hold my head high knowing that I am a woman of honor. I am proud to be a thriver, not just a survivor. I am proud to show my kids what a strong, powerful, formidable force a sober woman can be.

Indoor cycling is what kept me sober the first few months. I cried on that bike, I sweat everything out on that bike, I worked through all my fears and emotions while riding in the dark to heavy beats with sweat and tears running down my cheeks. I realized my dreams and I now teach indoor cycling. All of this I get to do because I wake up sober every singe day. I now have the privilege of giving back to my community.”

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