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Hi there! I’m happy to introduce Gwendolyn Marie, she is the next momma in recovery to share her testimony and receive a clean home. Gwen was nominated by two other moms, so I knew I had to contact her immediately because it was obvious that there is someone out there that needs to hear her story.

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Gwen has been sober/clean since November 26, 2017. Her drug of choice was meth. She started using meth at the age of 14. She dropped out of school her junior year, got caught with ecstasy at the age of 19 and that’s when she began smoking meth daily. She’s had multiple run ins with the law, suffers from ptsd due to abusive relationships, been to multiple treatments centers, and has relapsed a couple times resulting in her son being taken away.

She was able to maintain sobriety from 2011-2015. In that time she was published in The Chronicles Of A Meth Addict, Women’s Edition, Volume 2 Chapter 6. But after getting complacent and bored in her recovery she relapsed. She felt hopeless and ashamed. That is when she became addicted to not only meth but alcohol also. In 2017 she was arrested for a dui and spent 20 days in jail and was delivered termination papers. She knew she couldn’t do it alone anymore and she surrendered. She prayed for help.

The first time she got sober she says it was easy, she got everything back quickly. This time around is different. It gets more difficult each time we go back out. Her 7 year old son is now back home as of August 2nd after being gone since February 2017. She speaks at TRC a couple Sundays a month, attends meetings, and works the steps with a sponsor. She has worked her DHS plan and is on the waiting list for Compassion. She is also super excited to be in the mortgage business again at her new job as a Delinquency Associate II. She’s doing amazing!

I asked Gwen if she needed anything for her apartment and she needs lots of kid hangers, bath towels, toy box, and a dresser for her sons room. If anyone is interested in donating to Gwen please send me an email. I’d like to help this momma and her son get the things they need. I’ll be cleaning for Gwen on Monday September 10th at 1pm. Volunteer an hour of your time for this amazing mom and her son.

Keep up the good work girlfriend! So grateful to have the chance to meet you!!

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  1. Jeni Cahill on September 14, 2018 at 9:49 pm

    Thanks for having us Gwen! It was an honor to be part of your recovery. It also helps me in mine as we all rally around one another! Keep going! All the LOVE!

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