January 2017 Cleaning: Ana

clean life clean home 2017 cleaningThis is Ana! I met Ana for the first time this evening. She is super sweet. And young looking, I seriously thought it was her daughter answering the door!

Ana is one of the sober moms to receive a clean home in the month of January. I’ll be cleaning for Ana on Monday January 30th at 10am in Norman. If you want to volunteer some of your time send me an email for the address. The more the merrier!

Ana has been sober since May 27th, 2015. She began drinking at the age of 14 but it wasn’t until her grandmother passed away when Ana was 21 that her drug use began. Her and her grandmother were very close so her passing hit Ana hard.

She began snorting heroin and soon after shooting it up. Meth was also man issue. At first it felt controlled, she still had a job and her kids but it didn’t take long for it to take control of her. She says she would stay up for a week getting high, no sleep. She would hear voices and see things that weren’t there. She was in a very toxic and abusive relationship.

In December of 2014 she was fired and in January of 2015 she was served with custody papers. Her ex husband took her kids due to neglect because of her addiction. She spiraled downhill fast after that. One afternoon after a fight with her boyfriend over drugs she asked her apartment manager to make a call. She explained to the the manager that she was high and needed to get help. As Ana says “I told the truth for the first time in a long time”

Her ex took her to detox, soon after she entered rehab where she began working the steps and got a sponsor. She is now on step 11, attends committed meetings. And most importantly she has her kids every other weekend. She has an amazing support group of sober women that have her back. Today she works full time and is enjoying her life in recovery. You’re amazing!#recoveroutloud

Ana is an amazing example of how we can go through hell but come out the other side better than before. Thank you Ana for being brave and sharing your story.

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