January 2017 Cleaning: Gigi

clean life clean home 2017 cleaningThis is Gigi Waldrop. She is one of the two sober moms to receive a clean home from CLCH in the month of January.

I got to sit down with Gigi this afternoon at McDonald’s while her children played. She is such a strong and amazing woman, I’m so grateful to have met her.

She began drinking and doing drugs very early on like many of us. “Meth was my downfall”. It took her down some really dark paths, including nights in jail, 8 months in prison, abusive relationships, and situations no woman should ever have to be in.

She had two boys early on who were taken away twice from her by DHS. The second time around she gave up and let her mom take the boys and have lived with her in California since they were little, the oldest is about to be 18. She then had a little girl who she gave up for adoption and is able to watch her grow up from afar. She was then married and had three children with a man she did meth with. At one point her husband had a week clean and decided he’d take the kids away, fearful she’d lose her kids she called the Life Church in Yukon and asked for help. They had a life group called The Good Fight.

She took her kids to the church on September 19th, 2013 and has been sober/clean ever since. “I felt I was exactly where God wanted me to be finally”. Her husband never took the kids, instead he continued his meth addiction into a life of crime and is about to begin a 5 year sentence in prison.

Gigi takes care of her 5 year old daughter and twin 9 year old boys all on her own, with the help of her church and friends. She helps with leading groups at the church and volunteers for Courageous Kids children’s ministries. She was hired on full time at a really good job last September on the same day she celebrated 3 years sober. All this and she suffers from mixed connective tissue disease. Wow! She definitely deserves to have something nice done for her!!

We can and do recover. Gigi is living proof of that!

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