June 2017 Cleaning: Jeri

clean life clean home 2017 cleaningThis is Jeri Sue Lynn Rector from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jeri is the next mom in recovery to receive a clean home from CLCH. My good friend Erin, owner of Studio Ink, nominated Jeri because she is so proud of how far her sons Aunt has come and wanted to see something nice done for her. I had the privilege of meeting Jeri last Thursday, I got to sit down with her and hear her amazing story from addiction to recovery. Let me tell you, she IS an overcomer!! I was in tears as I sat across from her and her 14 year old daughter and heard how far she has come. I’m beyond grateful to be paying it forward this incredibly strong and beautiful mom in recovery.

Jeri experimented with drugs and alcohol in her teenage years with very few consequences. But it wasn’t until she was sexually assaulted at the age of 23 by someone close to her that her drug use went into full effect. Her drug of choice was meth and vodka. She smoked and shot up meth to block out the memories and the publicity of the assault and as a result was unable to take care of her children. To avoid her kids being put into state custody she sent her son to live with his dad and her two daughters went to live with her brother.

For the next few years Jeri would sink deep into her addiction. She talks of being homeless, being beat up multiple times, waking up with a facial fracture and having no idea how it happened, and losing almost all of her teeth. The day she got pulled over and stood on the curb holding her hidden drugs in her cup while her car was being searched was when she finally decided that she wanted help. It scared her enough for her to be willing to try something different.

She entered into the Inside Out Reentry Services in September 2015. After her girls being gone for three years, they are now home and on May 26th will be home a year. She has a wonderful relationship with her son who says he now fully trusts her, she’s gotten her cosmetology license back and is currently doing hair and managing the store where she works. She attends Celebrate Recovery twice a week and leads an addiction group at Southern Baptist Hills. Not only that, a person at Celebrate Recovery paid to have all her dental work done to repair all the damage done by years of drug use!! Jeri is coming up on 21 months sober/clean. She has forgiven the person who assaulted her and hopes that by sharing her story she will help one person out there not feel so alone. Jeri says “I thank God every day for my recovery, it is only because of HIM have I made it through”.

I’m so glad I got to meet her and her daughter. I look forward to cleaning her apartment on Saturday June 17th. If you’d like to volunteer send me an email for the details. Also, if you or someone you know would like to donate a dining room table for four to Jeri and her daughters, let me know!! Let’s make this amazing sober mom feel as special as she is and shine some light on the other side of addiction we rarely see, RECOVERY!!!

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