September 2017 Cleaning: Alexis

clean life clean home 2017 cleaningGood afternoon! I’m proud to introduce Alexis Pelkey from Norman, Oklahoma! She will be receiving a clean home on September 5th!

Struggling with low self esteem and wanting to feel accepted by her parents and by society, Alexis struggled with bulimia and anorexia for many years. She suffered from ulcers due to anxiety and was prescribed xanax to hopefully help her cope. This lead to a pill addiction and two DUI’s and many other brushes with the law.

After being released from treatment for her eating disorder and xanax addiction, she was introduced to stronger drugs. It took a month for her to lose her house, her car, and began living in a hotel. After that is when her drinking picked up resulting in two child neglect felonies and looking at 40 years in prison. She tried to drink herself to death after losing her boys.

But on June 21st she went to her first meeting and decided to finally get honest about her addiction to numbing out. She went to prison on January 11th, 2016 and was released in March 2017.

Alexis has made peace with her past and with the things she can not control. She celebrated two years sober/clean on June 22! Her and her girlfriend both work the steps, attend therapy, and speak at First Step. She is also a member of And although she still doesn’t have her boys today, she is clean/sober and loves her boys more than anything and hopes for them to come home one day.

You’re amazing Alexis! I’m so grateful to have met you and look forward to paying it forward in September to another sober mommy. You are a shining example of how we can go through hell with our addictions but come out stronger than ever. Keep on shining girl!

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