April 2017 Cleaning: Tina Kelley

clean life clean home 2017Good morning! This is Tina Kelley, she is the next person in recovery to receive a clean home from CLCH. I will be cleaning for her on Thursday April 20th at 1030am. If you’d like to volunteer an hour of your time to help clean Tina’s apartment with me send me a DM for the address. The more the merrier. And you don’t have to bring anything except your willingness to be of service to this wonderful mom in recovery. Also, you do NOT have to have your picture taken if you are a volunteer!!! I respect everyones wishes!

Tina was born with neurofibromatosis, a skin & bone disease. When she was 1 years old she fell in the toy box and broke her arm, it was then that the doctors found out she had a tumor in her arm. They took a bone out of her leg and put it into her arm. But, her arm stopped growing. Because of this Tina has suffered from low self esteem, she turned to drugs and pills to self medicate. She says the drugs made her feel normal, temporarily she didn’t have to think about her disability.

On May 26th Tina will celebrate 3 years sober/clean. But, it’s been a long road to get where she is today. She began using pills at age 19 and doing meth at 21. After multiple DUI’s, being charged with child endangerment, dhs taking her kids, and feeling so hopeless that she temporarily signed over her rights to her parents, she sat in jail in May of 2014 looking at prison time. It was then that she surrendered, she chose to look her demons in the face and say this is not how my story is going to end.

She was put into drug court and graduated in August of 2016. She now has two of her three kids home and is working on building those relationships again. She attends meetings and family therapy with her sons. She also volunteers many hours at hers sons school. Although she still struggles with her self esteem due to her disability she chooses recovery over self medicating. She keeps showing up for her kids and for herself everyday. When we took this picture she was off to get her boys and then head to the shelter, her boys want to donate extra food to the homeless. Amazing.

Tina is a beautiful person inside and out, I’m grateful our paths crossed when they did. Keep up the good work! Love you girl!!

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